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Current State of a 17 Year Old’s Mind: 9/17/11

Posted in The Current State of a 17 Year Old's Mind on September 17, 2011 by KellyMarie1118

Current State of a 17 Year Old’s Mind: 9/17/11

Wins of the Week: Bush Bash. Kevin Harvick. Floods. Grey’s Anatomy. Halo Hair.

Fails of the Week: Cold Weather. Jeff Gordon. Closed Roads. Michael Waltrip Racing. Relationships.

Depressing week. Friday was pretty okay. But let’s just jump right in.

Win: Bush Bash. I attend Forbush High School. We had our annual little mini festival (I guess you could call it that..) Friday. First time in forever that I’ve actually acted like myself and not what other wanted me to act like. I turned purple (I’m a serious blusher..) more than once, made just the right amount of sexual refrences, and gave one of my infamous pep talks. Only problem is the location my friends decided to place us in for an hour and 30 minutes. Thanks for that, you guys. Way to make me look stalkerish. That’s all I’m saying.

Fail: Cold Weather. Bush Bash was FREEZING cold. I felt like an ice cube. Props to the idiots that wore shorts and tee shirts. I hope you all get sick from your stupidity. (Except for..uh..well you know..he looked pretty damn good.) Teehee.

Win: Kevin Harvick. Mr. Happy won Richmond last week, and is second seeded in the Chase. Heck freaking yeah. I’m feeling that championship this year. I really am. 2011: THE YEAR OF HAPPY HARVICK!

Fail: Jeff Gordon. Idiot wants to sit there and say that Paul Menard spun on purpose so Kevin would win. He’s just mad. And jealous he’s an old ass wash-up.

Win: Floods. Not like legit floods. Cause we know those suck. But I had a dream, and I’m not going to share the details, but there was like a flood…and I looked up what that meant, and yeah. 😀 What it meant made me very happy. So I’m just throwing that out there.

Fail: Closed Roads. One of the roads my bus goes down was closed on Thrusday. So we had to go half way out in the middle of no-where. I got car (or…bus) sick. Not cool.

Win: Grey’s Anatomy. Starts back. This Thursday..AHHHHHHHH! I’m soooo excited. I love love love love loveeee Grey’s Anatomy.

Fail: Michael Waltrip Racing. They siging my blonde headed hubby Clint Bowyer. Sigh. This upsets me. Clint is a great driver, and now he’s downgraded. I’ll be a Bowyer fan no matter what, but…sigh.

Win: Halo Hair. Everyone knows I have naturally curly hair. So I wore it down and curly on Friday, which I never do because it’s sooo big and I hate it. Well, everyone LOVED it. Why? I’ll never know. But my brother says it reminds him of a angel’s halo, so that’s why they call it halo hair.

Fail: Relationships. I’m so tired of being single. And I still miss my ex. And the one guy that I have even had the smallest notion of wanting is physically, emotionally and legally unavaliable. No way in hell that it’ll happen. Eff my life.

Well. That’s this week. I’m waiting for the week that I can put “Affairs” as a win. Probably never…but we’ll see.

Honorable Mentions: Gay Marrige law. EPIC FAIL.
My life: EPIC FAIL.
That is all. Peace out.


Current State of a 17 Year Old’s Mind 9/10/11

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Current State of a 17 Year Old’s Mind: 9/10/11

Wins of the Week: Hot for teacher. Richmond. Cable. Football. 9/11.

Fail’s of the Week: Girlfriends/Wifes. Atlanta. Cable. Cheaters. Bridges.

Hello, and wecome to the first “Current State” blog. I plan on doing this every week. Let’s get started.

WIN: Hot for Teacher. “I’ve got it bad, got it bad, got it bad. I’m hot for teacher.” Thanks for that, Van Halen. And yes, I am hot for teacher. Only a select few know which teacher it is. And I have nicknamed him “Big Sexy.” Though am I not in his class anymore, my best friend is, and a small part of me hopes she’ll fail at least one test so I can go to his room and “tutor” her.

FAIL: Girlfriends/Wifes. No offenese. It’s a fail this week because I found out my famous crush has a girlfriend. 😦 Also, Big Sexy is married. Not that it matters..(Like I’d actually get with either of them) but A) It ruins my fantsies and B) It makes me feel bad that I daydream relentlessly over a married man. (In the case of Big Sexy..)

WIN: Richmond. NASCAR racing at Richmond, to be exact. Fun track. Denny Hamlin’s home track. Last race before the Chase. ‘Nuff said.

FAIL: Atlanta. Once again, NASCAR related. I missed my first race in over 3 year because it rained and the race got postponed until Tuesday morning. But I did manage to catch the last 60 laps! Also a fail because Jeff Gordon won. Ew.

WIN: Cable getting hooked up today!

FAIL: Cable was suppose to be hooked up last Saturday. Then last Thursday. So attempt number 3 today. Maybe. Cause they are late. Really late. I’m dying without my TV Shows man!

WIN: Football. NFL is back. College football as well. WOOHOO!! Go Patriots! As for college, Virgina Tech, Auburn and Carolina. Oh yeah.

FAIL: Cheaters. My best friend cheated on my other best friend. I’m caught in the middle of this drama. Not fun.

WIN: Well, not really a “win”, but a remeberance. 10 years since September 11th, 2001. It brought the United States together. ONE NATION. RIP to the ones that lost their lifes. We will never forget.

FAIL: Bridges. We moved last weekend. Here at the new place, we live right beside a bridges. It is extremely loud and annoying when vehicles, espcially big truck, go over it. I hate it.

There you go. The state of my mind. Nice, isn’t it?

September 11th, 2001

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September 11th, 2001. I was 7 years old. Didn’t have a care in the world.

I woke up sort of sick that morning, so my mom let me stay home from school.

I was laying in my room, watching Dora The Explorer, when my mom ran into my room. “Look!” She said, changing the channel on my TV. “A plane just flew into one of the big buildings in New York!”  

So, I watched the coverage. Even at 7 years old, I knew that what was unfolding in front of my eyes wasn’t right.

I freaked out and went outside, in search of my cat.

I was scared then, but of course, I was a 2nd grader that didn’t really understand what was happening.

Now, 10 years later, I understand what happened. Our Nation was under attack. But we came together. ONE NATION.

I’m still in shock over the events that took place that day, and I don’t understand why? Why someone had to hurt us? Why they felt the need to kill innocent people? Why?

It breaks my heart. 

Rest In Peace to the people that lost their lives on that terrible day.

My thoughts with the families that lost a loved one. 

Thank you to the firefighters, police officers, and emergency responders that we’re there to help then and the weeks afterwards.

Thank you to the Troops that risk their lifes to give us our freedom.