Current State of a 17 Year Old’s Mind 9/10/11

Current State of a 17 Year Old’s Mind: 9/10/11

Wins of the Week: Hot for teacher. Richmond. Cable. Football. 9/11.

Fail’s of the Week: Girlfriends/Wifes. Atlanta. Cable. Cheaters. Bridges.

Hello, and wecome to the first “Current State” blog. I plan on doing this every week. Let’s get started.

WIN: Hot for Teacher. “I’ve got it bad, got it bad, got it bad. I’m hot for teacher.” Thanks for that, Van Halen. And yes, I am hot for teacher. Only a select few know which teacher it is. And I have nicknamed him “Big Sexy.” Though am I not in his class anymore, my best friend is, and a small part of me hopes she’ll fail at least one test so I can go to his room and “tutor” her.

FAIL: Girlfriends/Wifes. No offenese. It’s a fail this week because I found out my famous crush has a girlfriend. 😦 Also, Big Sexy is married. Not that it matters..(Like I’d actually get with either of them) but A) It ruins my fantsies and B) It makes me feel bad that I daydream relentlessly over a married man. (In the case of Big Sexy..)

WIN: Richmond. NASCAR racing at Richmond, to be exact. Fun track. Denny Hamlin’s home track. Last race before the Chase. ‘Nuff said.

FAIL: Atlanta. Once again, NASCAR related. I missed my first race in over 3 year because it rained and the race got postponed until Tuesday morning. But I did manage to catch the last 60 laps! Also a fail because Jeff Gordon won. Ew.

WIN: Cable getting hooked up today!

FAIL: Cable was suppose to be hooked up last Saturday. Then last Thursday. So attempt number 3 today. Maybe. Cause they are late. Really late. I’m dying without my TV Shows man!

WIN: Football. NFL is back. College football as well. WOOHOO!! Go Patriots! As for college, Virgina Tech, Auburn and Carolina. Oh yeah.

FAIL: Cheaters. My best friend cheated on my other best friend. I’m caught in the middle of this drama. Not fun.

WIN: Well, not really a “win”, but a remeberance. 10 years since September 11th, 2001. It brought the United States together. ONE NATION. RIP to the ones that lost their lifes. We will never forget.

FAIL: Bridges. We moved last weekend. Here at the new place, we live right beside a bridges. It is extremely loud and annoying when vehicles, espcially big truck, go over it. I hate it.

There you go. The state of my mind. Nice, isn’t it?


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